Ch. Goldwyn CGC, CD, TDI
Sire: Sagi Springwood Sarpi Sarge 
Dam: Courtney of Tree Tops
Whelped: 02/07/95 - 05/21/06

Wyn gaurding the estate

WYN 11 years young at the beach

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Ch. Goldwyn "Wyn" lived the life of a queen. Some of her past accomplishments include CH,CD,TDI, and CGC titles. She had 2 litters with a total of 18 puppies. She was also very well traveled. From New England south to Guadalajara Mexico and as far west as the Grand Canyon. She is well loved by everyone who meets her while she continued to live out her retirement, in style, as the official greeter at Millbrook Motors. Her frequent visits to the beach in the red convertible brought her much joy. On Sunday May 21st 2006 she fell asleep on one of her favorite spots and never woke up. She will be missed by all. We loved her so much.

Pedigree of "Ch. Goldwyn CGC, CD, TDI"

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Sagi Springwood Sarpi Sarge     


Sagi Maximum Joy

 Brutal force of Agape
The only Apricot Ninja
Sagi Sorrell's Honey Royal Medallion Emerald Monarch
Golden Honey Sagi B


Courtney of Tree Tops

Massive Duke Duke IV
Apple Duke Jessica
Enterprise Olin Rose-Dale Brawny Brandy
Dusty Anne

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